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Gilberton Outback Retreat

Time stops when you venture into the extraordinary land of Gilberton Outback Retreat. Experience the unexpected and encounter a unique and genuine Australian outback experience that will stay with you forever.

Located 450kms west of Townsville in a remote part of Northern Australia, you will experience the true meaning of the outback while staying in the comfort of an extraordinary, luxurious hut with uninterrupted views of the Gilbert River and Gilberton Station.  

Do as much or as little and you like. Take a tour or simply sit back, relax and watch the time go by while all your needs are being taken care of.  Explore the working cattle station, rich in modern and ancient history, hike, fish, find your own piece of gold, or soak up the native flora and fauna. At the end of the day we invite you to enjoy evening drinks and nibbles with our ‘dinky di’ bush family.

Experience this exclusive wilderness with the current family of this 8th generation working cattle station. A small family business, we cater to the individual, inviting you to be a part of our family and share in our love of this land. The price for this unique, 5 star experience is inclusive of accommodation, tours, all meals and alcohol.

We look forward to welcoming you to Gilberton Outback Retreat, your exclusive private luxury escape.

2 Guests King

Room Amenities

  Ceiling Fans
  Full Size Refrigerator
  Dining Setting
  Stove top
  Laundry Facilities
  Air Conditioning
  Ipod Dock
  Mini Bar
  Complimentary fruit
  Hair Dryer
  Linen and Towels
  Shower - separate
  Dining Facilities
  Room Service
  Complimentary Toiletries
  Tea/Coffee Making

Hotel Amenities

  Free Parking
  BBQ Area
  24 hour Porterage
  24 Hour Room Service
  Pillow Menu
  24 hour Reception



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Gilberton Outback Retreat

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Upon Entering Gilberton Station/Outback Retreat I hereby waiver any liability to sue 
I am being permitted to prospect, camp, bird watching, bush walk , mountain bike riding or participate in any way within the designated Boundary of Gilberton Station, I hereby acknowledges and agree that the nature of my camping activity, it would be unreasonable for Gilberton Station to be in any way responsible for injury , death or loss of income and could involve the risk of serious injury and/or death . I agree if riding an ATV it is my responsibility to act responsible and wear helmet and other protective gear. I hereby to the full extent permitted by law, waive all my legal rights of action against and fully releases Gilberton station/Outback retreat for any such loss, damage or death what so ever arising out of/ or in relation to my participation by me, entering Gilberton station permitted by Gilberton station. 

Gilberton Outback Retreat accepts no responsibly for personal expenses, incurred by any guest however instigated, it is suggested that personal travel & medical insurance is taken out to cover any unforeseen incident that could or might occur during your travels. Guest also must cover any medical expenses, medical evacuation if needed. Gilberton Outback Retreat is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of personal belongings personal injury, death, accident or any illness however caused. We are not liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused by your acts, omissions or defaults, your state of health, medical condition or circumstances or other reasons which are beyond our control. 

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Under the personal injuries proceedings act 2002, the civil liability act 2003 and the trade practices act 1974. I hereby releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to pursue any claims demands or suits towards the directors / family / caretaker or employees of Gilberton station. Ticking this box you declare of taking full responsibility of your own acts, travels and wellbeing during you stay at Gilberton Outback Retreat and wavier any such.

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